Saarathy Pammac

Employment Training

Employment Training Center

There are around 10 different Special Schools in and around Coimbatore, and they cater to the needs of Special Children and their families. But, no School entertains these children once they cross the age of 15. This motivated SAARATHY- PAMMAC to come out with a Center for engaging them in the form of Vocational and Employment Training.

Since March 2015, the center also has also been training and producing Sanitary & Maternity Pads. As a result of sustained efforts by Padmasri A.Muruganandam, Proprietor of Jayashree Industries, Coimbatore, and Bharath Shah, a Rotarian and an Office Bearer of SAARATHY PAMMAC, Mr.Ram Ramanujam of Vikravandi Village, currently in the USA, and the Coimbatore Central Rotary Club sponsored the required machineries.The produced Sanitary & Maternity Pads are sold at very marginal rate.

An Employment and Training Center (ETC) was set up Kanuai, Coimbatore, in 2010. Mrs.C.Jasmine, the then District Differently Abled Welfare Officer at Coimbatore, could get a building from the District Administration to house this Center, and about 20 persons could be engaged in training at any given time. These persons are accompanied by one of the their parents and they also engage themselves in the various training and production activities at the Center.

Support Needed:

This center needs support from the Public, Industries, Government, NGOs, and Philanthropists in Marketing and Selling of the produced goods in this centre.

To start with, the Centre started training the Persons with Intellectual Disabilities, in making Paper Envelopes, Paper Plates, and Artificial Flower Bouquet, and a skilled labor has been employed to train them. Dr.MNG Mani, Founder of UDIS Forum at Coimbatore, could arrange funds from CBM for the purchase of the required machineries.